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21 Inter-things for 10/16/2013

Congress stops hemorrhaging long enough to prevent us from discovering what the default button does–for now. A mega-star is about to explode, so some dude escapes from space by jumping to Earth. The Onion is batting .667 today. Homosexuals make an appearance or two (because they, we, love to make appearances, particularly on my blog).

W26, 3000 times the size of the Sun, is tearing itself up. A bad break-up, perhaps?

New comics, some around historical figures, some…not.

If you love Broadway, and if you love gossip, then you just might love this book.

This didn’t quite strike home like most of The Onion’s articles do; yet, I enjoyed the premise.,34240/?ref=auto

There are a couple I disagree with here (“whole nother” is a colloquialism/dialect…ism, so I think it’s unfair to attack it), but otherwise WORD RAGE!{%22736236053057501%22%3A640997642588435}&action_type_map={%22736236053057501%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]

Uncommon photos of common folk from Victorian England.

The truth, despite the present and temporary resolution.,34238/?ref=auto


A touching, effective, compact short film about one of the pitfalls of being gay: love for straight men.

Give this sewer pipe that medal that civilians can get.,34237/?ref=auto

And it actually went through. For now.

The Taj Mahal of Florida, but perhaps a bit cooler because of the mystery of its construction.

Je suis un “pocket gay.” Je suis joyeux.

The horror! I guess we can rest assured that young rapscallions will have to wait another day to…rapscalliate.

The first blog to follow this blog, so I’m returning the favor. Oh, and it’s a really good blog.

If you’ve been following the Virginia governor’s race, you will find this highly amusing; if not, then only amusing.

While this video may be old news, it’s the first time I’ve seen it. The earth gets less curvy as the time goes by.

“QI” Series ‘K’ Episode 6: Killers

I love Stephen Fry; I love classical music; ergo, hoc amo.

Composers are, after all, people, and they have their opinions.

Still not the most bat-shit crazy thing said on the House floor.


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