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16 Inter-things for 10/17/2013

Nico Muhly wrote an opera about two boys who met online, leading to disaster, while four men are charged for torturing and killing a gay boy; Sondheim toys with Company, and two (fictional) men get drunk-gay-married. Social justice then continues on through feminism and takes a stroll through wealth (in)equality.

Not quite the most scandalous titbits, but still interesting.

My friend Kevin is an excellent critic and runs a blog called Chekhov’s Gunman.

This is an oldie but a goodie, brought up when sharing comments over Sondheim’s slight reworkings to give Company a gay Bobby and to change some of the characters’ sexes.

I have yet to be really wowed by Nico Muhly, but new operas should be encouraged as much as possible.

Related to the above, the Met and Lincoln Center Theatre combined to create a program for the commissioning of new operas. Crossing my fingers for my turn.

We were required to read Jane Eyre in the summer before starting AP English, and I loved it anyway.

Over-the-top productions of personal moments turn me cold–if whatever boyfriend I get proposes to me in such a manner, I might just say no–but some people like them, so here you go.

Bill Watterson wrote and drew Calvin and Hobbes. ‘Nuf said.

Featuring a clip from the TV show The Fosters. My child would be free to do this.

Much like the tiresome claims that one-man one-woman marriage is natural and historical, the idea of women taking their husband’s last is not universally maintained. I know Don Quixote contains a mention of this.

Misogyny butts heads with economics.

A how-to video on tying one of my new favor necktie knots, the Merovingian.

An adorable show of shorts called Husbands, about two gay men who get drunk-married and then decided to give it a shot.

The gap between perceived wealth distribution and actual distribution is large.

Four gay-bashing bastards get their just desserts.

I’m really not a fan of spoken word art. It’s prose trying to pass off as poetry told in an overly-earnest manner and attended by droves finger-clicking morons. Plus, this speaker’s thoughts aren’t as mind-bending as her audience and this overly-earnest Upworthian find them to be. All the same, right on.


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