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17 Inter-things for 10/20-21/2013

I combine two days here because I’m lazy and there were few enough of them. Women continue to be mishumanized, but some retaliate with their ta-tas; and who can blame them, when you have rabid anti-feminists and buff bare-chested men (whom you want to simultaneously sleep with and sucker punch) against you. And other things happen; why should I spell it out for you?

Bad Lip Readings are the best; this one reworks Game of Thrones into a trailer for a movie about a medieval fun park.

Matthew Shephard’s violent end helped push forward anti-bullying campaigns for LGBTQ-ers. An author tries to claim Shephard was less than a saint, but succeeds mostly, according to this reviewer, in showing himself more than an egoist.

Not really as stomach-turning as the title may hint.

I love time lapse photos!

A few of my friends are upset over the moves Etsy has been making.

The Animaniacs, of course, was chock full of them.

Considering what passes for porn in Japan, I’m not too surprised. Then again, I think Japanese people are beautiful, so that raises my surprise.

I actually got most of these; yay, dumb luck.

Classical music truth bombs here.

Mostly about Watterson not completely selling out, which is good.

China: Come for the smog, stay because you’re suffocating and can’t move.

The traditional roles of men are shifting, which can leave some alienated. This dick, however, is just a douche-canoe.

I like puns, and I like costumes, but is this too much of a good thing?

Cumberbatch. Stop-motion acting.

Google “women should/n’t/cannot…” and sigh for your soul’s sake.

Anti-homosexual, half-naked, buff men who protest man-on-manness storm the Paris location of Femen, women who protest sexist laws and traditions by bearing their breasts. Ah, Europe.

I use to work at Walmart and I hated these people too.


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