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17 Inter-things for 10/20-21/2013

I combine two days here because I’m lazy and there were few enough of them. Women continue to be mishumanized, but some retaliate with their ta-tas; and who can blame … Continue reading

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11 Inter-things for 10/19/2013

One of the many great things to come from 30 Rock is the songs, such as this one for Jenna Maroney’s movie The Rural Juror. I’m not sure how … Continue reading

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12 Inter-things for 10/18/2013

After God ate millions of people when Columbus bumbled into the Americas, bad weather wiped away all our memories of the deeds of these peoples. But inspired by the mysteries … Continue reading

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21 Inter-things for 10/16/2013

Congress stops hemorrhaging long enough to prevent us from discovering what the default button does–for now. A mega-star is about to explode, so some dude escapes from space by jumping … Continue reading

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